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Scaling Up Social Innovation
China Effective Philanthropy Multiplier


China Effective Philanthropy Multiplier is a shared industry platform which reframes traditional charity programs as philanthropic products to address social problems in an increasingly efficient and scaleable manner. CEPM was initiated by 15 leading organisations in the sector: SEE Foundation, Amity Foundation, Anna Chennault Foundation, China Foundation Center, Non-Profit Incubator, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Shanghai United Foundation, Narada Foundation, United Charity Foundation, Tencent Foundation, Xinhua Philanthropy, Sina Weibo Philanthropy, One Foundation, and China Merchants Charitable Foundation.


With the joint force of these 15 co-founders as well as an additional 11 strategic partners, in 2017, CEPM selected a new group of effective philanthropic products for certification and support, which include product acceleration, promotion, and channel development services. The following is more information about the CEPM certification and support process. 

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