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About Us
Board of Directors
ZHOU Qingzhi
Honorary President
Primary Founder and Donor of Narada Foundation
Chair of the Board/President, Shanghai Narada Group Co., Ltd.
Chair of the Board, Non-Profit Incubator Standing Board D...
XU Yongguang
Chair of the Board
Primary Founder of Narada Foundation
Vice President, China Charity Alliance
Honorary Chair of the Board, China Foundation Center
Research Fellow, Counselors’ Off...
Vice Chair of the Board (Executing Member)
Vice Chair of the Board (Executing Member)
KANG Xiaoguang
Professor, Renmin University of China
Dean, China Institute of Philanthropy and Social Innovation, Renmin University of China
ZHAO Yilan
Chair of the Board, Ginkgo Foundation
HE Wei
Founder/Donor, Narada Foundation
Board Member, Shanghai Narada Group Co., Ltd.
Chair of the Board, Shanghai United Foundation
Board Member, Non-Profit Incubator
President, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.
YANG Yimei
Lecturer, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Business Partner of Ram Charan (world-renowned business advisor)
WANG Haiguang
Founder/Donor, Narada Foundation
Board Member/CEO, Shanghai Narada Group Co., Ltd.
PENG Yanni
Secretary General
MA Qingyu
Professor and PhD Supervisor, Chinese Academy of Governance
Vice Director, Social and Cultural Department, Chinese Academy of Governance
HE Jin
Non-Profit Sector Practitioner
Partner, Jun He Law Offices